Barium Oxide Phase Diagram

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Barium Oxide Phase Diagram - yttrium barium copper oxide ybco is a family of crystalline chemical pounds famous for displaying high temperature superconductivity it includes the first material ever discovered to be e superconducting above the boiling point of liquid nitrogen 77 k at about 90 k many ybco pounds have the general formula y ba 2 cu 3 o 7 x also known as y123 although materials with other y hydrogen hydroxide hh or hoh hydrogen oxide dihydrogen monoxide dhmo systematic name hydrogen monoxide dihydrogen oxide hydric acid hydrohydroxic acid hydroxic acid hydrol oxido dihydrogen 1 hydroxyl hydrogen 0 the high temperature superconductors are ceramic materials with layers of copper oxide spaced by layers containing barium and other atoms the yttrium pound is somewhat unique in that it has a regular crystal structure while the lanthanum version is classified as a solid solution the yttrium pound is often called.
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